Greek weather records

Date Summary Details
22/12/2017Bugs and bug fixA bug was causing NOA data update failure. This has been fixed thanks to NOA's excellent cooperation. Lost NOA data will be updated in January 2018. HNMS stations temporarily unsupported.
12/04/2016Bug fixHNMS stations now do not appear at the end of the tables in the Current Month and Current Year apps, with the exception of stations that do not update regularly.
12/04/2016New feature: time travelAs of today, visitors of can select to view temperature records of supported weather stations on any single day in the brand new Time travel app.
26/01/2016New features: January 2016As of 26 January 2016, visitors of can view maximum 24-hour precipitation data on the Oyster app.
22/01/2016New feature: today's observationsAs of today, visitors of can view the current day's observations here. Service may be prone to some obvious data errors when some stations transmit wrong data live.
10/07/2007New feature: temperature recordsAs of July 2007, visitors of can retrieve temperature records by region and month from a dedicated database.
01/09/2004New feature: temperature recordsAs of September 2004, visitors of can view temperature records by month in a static format.